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Learn how to use proven parenting methods to foster incredible connections with your child. Understand how to communicate effectively, and grow together towards a better future.

As a parent, do you feel…


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Parent Effectiveness Training

Heal Yourself,
Free Your Children

Creating conscious change & lasting family connection.

Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T) Online delivery

8 WEEKLY SESSIONS – 3 hours per week via zoom with Sunflowers & Butterflies creator and P.E.T Trainer  Jacqui Bowden

Course Commences 30th May 2022. 6pm – 9pm (Mondays)

Spread over 8 to 10 weeks this is a great option if you have a very busy schedule and can’t make it to in-person training. You can train from the comfort  of your own home and feel relaxed and ready to immerse yourself and learn. We allow an extra week in between some of the larger sessions to ensure you can get adequate practice at home before learning a new skill.

We encourage group sharing and vulnerability in our classes. This allows parents to really get to the heart of their concerns and learn at a deeper level.

Offering a very relaxed & encouraging environment, Parent Effectiveness Training can initiate your families transformation into peace, harmony & less problem time.

Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T) Intensive weekend training

2 WEEKEDNS  (Saturday/Sunday)

5 hours per day

9.30am – 1.30pm. Delivery location – Tallebudgera, Gold Coast QLD

Course commencing Qld school holidays  July 2022

Course delivery is spread over 6 weeks in total with some online components. This intensive option is to suit those parents who are unable to attend our other weekly session options and feel they would like to complete the concepts and learn the skills in a shorter timeframe.

This option can be incredibly beneficial for busy parents who would like to complete the training together and then encourage and support each other to practice, practice, practice at home.

 In-person training as above plus  4 x 1hr zoom sessions to ensure successful implementation of the skills. 

Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T) One-on-one coaching

Call to enquire – phone and zoom options available

Tailor made to suit the availability of participants, this amazing one-on-one or one-on-two approach can get changes and shifts happening in your family very quickly.

Ongoing enrolments

We focus on the skills to address your current  issues and problems and get plenty of practice time together. We can allocate time to discuss any personal and family hardships that need to be addressed as priority and really get to know each other.

We also offer non-formal coaching sessions which do not require a course commitment. Coaching is based purely on what areas and skills participants wish to focus on for the betterment of their family unit.

Over the phone coaching calls following purchase of the P.E.T text, or Intensive in person training

Parent Effectiveness Information sessions & P.E.T Bookclubs

In person information sessions are a great way to introduce your cohort  to the concepts and overarching focus of P.E.T without any commitment. 

Offered for groups of 8 or more, our info sessions present the basic concepts of P.E.T and how it might integrate in your business or assist clients/parents/staff etc.

Information sessions are upon request

Suitable for Schools, P&C, Childcare centres, Community groups, Playgroups, Counsellors

P.E.T Bookclub runs each school holidays. Spread over 5 weekly x 1.5 hour sessions @ $25.00 per head per session

S & B Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T) Bookclub is also an amazing way to get friends, family or other circles together to read the text and learn the basic skills prior to completing or considering full training.

Bookclub is an amazing way to connect with likeminded parents and carers and is a very relaxed and friendly space to learn in.

Life changing outcomes included in P.E.T

Alternatives to using rewards and punishments as a way to get kids to behave the way you want

Total confidence that when you communicate with them you are helping and not hurting

Better listening skills so that you can ensure a strong relationship leading into the teenage years

Simple ways to develop strong, self-sufficient and responsible children & adults

Techniques to solve family disagreements without the stress and anger

Understanding of the behaviours that directly affect you and how to address this so you remain happy and fulfilled too




Parenting Effectiveness Training

Learn the psychology

1-2 YRS
2-3 YRS
3-5 YRS
5-8 YRS
8-12 YRS

Solutions to common problems

Learn about some simple strategies that you can use today to bring about more peaceful and loving interactions…

Identifying problem ownership

Is it your problem or theirs? Who is responsible for fixing it?

Active listening

A whole new way of communicating with your child.

Encouraging Resilience

Resisting the urge to fix it, so that they can find their own solutions.

Slowing down

Taking the pressure off, and feeling confident that your best is good enough. Confidence in your communication.


Enjoying your child, being playful, and positive interactions. Grow together during ‘no problem time!’

About P.E.T.

Parent Effectiveness Training, otherwise known as P.E.T. teaches a unique and influential style of parenting that respects the needs of each individual in a family. It teaches children that their emotions and thoughts are valid, and teaches parents how to interact with their child in a way that nurtures their development into confident, capable, and emotionally intelligent adults

When starting P.E.T it is very common that parents find immediate relief from having to personally solve all the family’s problems and they have their eyes opened to a much easier, more peaceful way to parent moving forward.

Sunflowers & Butterflies teach parents easy to use, proven and psychologically backed skills so they can communicate with influence to their children and create a more harmonious and peaceful family life.

Parenting FAQ’s


I cannot stop talking about all of the tips and tricks I learned from my appointment with Sunflowers & Butterflies! It’s completely changed how I engage with my kids. They feel like I’m some kind of superhero mind reader now, and I feel far less stressed about whether I’m doing things right or not!
Darcie S.

10 Aug 2020

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P.E.T Training

ENROLLING NOW! 8 weeks Online via zoom. Monday evening 6.00pm – 9.00pm.  More Details

FIRST SESSION OFFER $25 then decide on your enrolment. 



P.E.T Online Bookclub

Share your goals and follow the P.E.T skills chapter by chapter each week. Only $25 per Session + textbook. Online via zoom. Wednesday 11 – 12noon. Total of 5 one hour sessions



Live Online FAQ & sharing

Ask your parenting questions and get live answers with tips and strategies to help you.  Wednesday 3 – 3.45pm SEQLD  More Details

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